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Safety Information

This Information is provided because we care about the safety of your best buddy.

Leather Articles

Great care has been taken to craft your leather items. We use vegetable tanned leather (chemical-free colouring) and low lead hardware, where possible. We have a unique triple rivet style which we adopt for aesthetic purposes but also for safety. Please be mindful that occasionally, hardware may falter. We select premium materials that are solid and durable and we test the strength of the items before sending them out. Most faults should be evident quickly if there is an issue otherwise, you can expect a long life from your item.

Do NOT let your pooch chew the items as this may dislodge rivets and may be swallowed!

Items should be removed, and use discontinued, immediately in the event that you notice an issue.

Dog Necklaces

Your pet should only enjoy wearing this item while under supervision. You are advised to remove of this necklace prior to playing, for the safety of all dogs, as it may pose a risk to your precious pooch and to other dogs if worn while playing.


This product is not designed to be chewed and should be removed immediately in the event that it is broken. Loose beads and cords pose a chocking risk for pets and children under 3 years of age.  Store loose silicone beads and necklaces out of reach and sight of your pet/s and inquisitive children.

Our Silicone Bead supplier sources silicone beads from reputable manufacturers that have had their quality management system independently certified to ISO:9001 standards. They only sell the highest quality silicone beads. Their silicone beads have been tested and certified to ensure the beads comply with the Australian safety standard (AU/NZS ISO 8124.3:2012) relating to the migration of certain elements. All silicone beads are free from BPA, Lead, Mercury, PVC, Latex, Phthalates and Cadmium. The beads are independently tested by the supplier and the supplier does not rely on the testing certificates provided by manufactures.



Lulu Loves Pty Ltd t/as Lulu Loves accepts no liability for any loss or incidents, including death or injury, through any act, negligence, carelessness, recklessness, omission or the misuse of our products whatsoever. 

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