Caring for your leather products ❤


We give this advice below with the notion that you want to keep this product looking pristine! At the end of the day, it is all about personal preference for you and your fur-baby. Lulu does wear these collars to the beach and in creeks and they do get wet and dirty and sandy. She rolls in dead things and sea-weed, often coating the collars (and getting into the grooves of the braiding) and the collars will withstandstand all of this. The info below will help you either keep it looking fab or keep it clean if it is an all-occasion collar like Lulu wear's them.


Try to Avoid Water:

Our leather-goods are not designed for wear in water but obviously can be (Lulu does!). The leather may stretch and deform, particularly any braiding, if it becomes wet. Prolong the life this item by keeping it out of water. In saying this though, we do wear ours in water and we make these products using high quality materials that will last the longest if worn in water.

If you have a braided collar or leash and it becomes wet, try not to let your dog pull as the braiding will stretch and thin out, especially the natural and chocolate leather. Once dry, it will still be strong but it won't got back to its smaller size.

Should your item become wet, the hardware should be rinsed in fresh water. Pat dry the item with a clean dry cloth and allow the item to dry at room temperature, out of sunlight, on a flat surface.


Cleaning Dirt and Stains:

Should this item become dirty, clean the leather with a soft, dry cloth. If the mark does not budge, try a damp cloth . If you are still left with a stain, we use Eucalyptus Oil on a clean cloth or cotton pad to remove the mark or stain. This generally works. We do recommend however that you test a small spot first. You may also have to clean the whole item. Please do not leave the eucalyptus oil around for your dog to get into. It is poisonous if ingested! But in saying that, it is very safe to clean the collar with.

Allow the item to dry at room temperature, out of sunlight, on a flat surface.


Conditioning & Protection:

Once the item is dry, give it a coating for protection & conditioning. If you have a clear leather conditioner like Dubbin, use that. Otherwise flaxseed/coconut/olive oil should do the trick to soften and protect the leather once more - just rub in with a clean dry cloth. Allow to absorb and wipe off any excess. 


The colour of the leather will darken with time as it absorbs oils, particularly the natural and chocolate leather.

Brass Hardware:

Occasionally when we order these items, they are a little stiff in use. We simply use a touch of WD-40 the item to get it running smoothly again. We recommend that you do the same if you notice this happening to the hardware. Firstly though, try to remove any dirt or sand build-up that might be in the joint and then give it a spray (away from your dog) and a wiggle to loosen up the joint. Be sure to wipe away all excess lubricant.


Caring for your wool products ❤

Cleaning Instructions:

  • We would not recomment overwashing this blanket (for pets) - give it a good shake, remove hair with a lint roller (or even gentle vaccuum).

  • Clean liquid stains immediately;

  • Wash heavily soiled wool blankets by placing them in the washer on a cold wool-wash or gentle cycle with a wool-safe detergent (we prefer to use eucalyptus oil - about a tablespoon - which is absolutely fine for your pet BUT make sure they never have access to the open bottle);

  • Hang your wool blankets up to dry;

  • Store blankets in a cool dark place when not in use;

  • Never use harsh chemicals on your wool blankets, even if you have a stubborn stain. Never scrub the wool. Take your wool to a dry cleaner if there’s a stain that you can’t handle with gentle treatment.


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