Scent Training

Welcome to The Sniffing Zone!


Lulu and myself commenced our scent training journey, nearly 4 years ago with K9 Nose Fun [Lulu was still a fresh faced, wee little lady]. There are different methodologies out there to learn "sniffing", however we started out with a K9 Nose Work® Instructor.


K9 Nose Work® is an enriching and rewarding activity where dogs + handlers, work as a team. It is based on detection dog concepts and focuses on building your dog’s innate scenting instinct by engaging their curiosity through solving puzzles.

This activity is suitable for any age/breed dog and owner/handler to participate in, and is held within a safe environment, one dog at a time, making it fantastic for building confidence and independence in our pal's and especially good for dogs that may be anxious around other dogs. It can be enjoyed simply for fun / enrichment or competitively at trial.

Requirements to get started? NONE [except a dog with a nose - and it doesn't even have to be your dog that you participate with]!!! The beauty of this activity: you don't need any prior dog training under the belt or knowledge to get started.

If you want to find an instructor close to you so you can find out more [maybe join in an Intro to Nose Work class!], pop over to this website for a  search.

The BIG news from us? I am curently studying to become a K9 Nose Work® Instructor!


I plan on running classes once we move to the North West Coast of Tasmania [timeframe TBC!] but in the meantime, you can find me floating between classes [observing, assisting or participating] with K9 Nose Fun, Helping Hounds + Crazy Canines.

For those of you that are already up and training, you will know what the items below are for - happy shopping!