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How to Measure you Dogs Neck & Choose a Collar Size

And the good news is, it is simple! For a standard buckle collar, you only need to measure the part of the neck where the collar will sit.

Use a soft measuring tape and pull it around your dog's neck with 2/3 fingers inserted inside the tape taut. If you do not have a measuring tape, you can use string or ribbon then measure the length of that with a ruler. This will be your dog's neck measurement when choosing a collar size.

➳ You DON'T want your collar to be the exact neck size, it will be too tight.

DO NOT measure their collar. This will most likely be incorrect.

To choose a standard collar size from our range, simply review the sizing information on the listing and see where your pooch falls! If the neack measurement was 31cm, you should select a size Small - which caters for neck measurements between 28cm and 37cm.

If you are after a 'Perfect Fit' or 'Puppy Fit' collar, this is the measurement you need to use in the personalisation field.

The image below shows how to ascertain the measurement.

The tape measure is tight, with three fingers inserted. I prefer 3 fingers because Lulu is strong and three fingers means I have enough grip to hold her by her collar if required.

Her measurement is 35cm for a perfect fit collar. When I then make a perfect fit collar, there are 2 holes each side - so you can wear the collar a fraction tighter if required or loosen it off. But 35cm is the correct measurment.


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