Lulu Loves: Handcrafted Leather Dog Collars & Leads

Lulu Loves' handcrafted collars and leads are made from beautiful, ethically produced, vegetable tanned leathers. These leathers get better with age, if cared for. We compliment quality leather with solid brass, hand forged, hardware. 

We also have a range of leather alternative collars and leads - check out our 'Activewear' range!

Made Especially for You and Your Pooch

Your items are made once you order them. We also offer our most popular 'Add-On's' (eg embossing, painted edges, anti-chew chain) below, which you can add to your order to further ccustomise your item. Or, if you have something else altogether in mind, we'd love to hear what you're thinking. As these items are made specifically for you, we suggest that you review our Repair, Replacement and Refund Policy HERE.


'Perfect Fit' and 'Puppy Fit' Collar Sizing

When ordering a collar, we ask for dogs neck measurement. We do this so that we can make the collar a 'Perfect Fit'. We will then make the collar with the middle hole being the measurement you provide. However, if you are happy with ordering a standard small/medium/large etc, just enter 0cm in the neck measurement field and you will receive a collar that matches the sizing range provided, in the size you have ordered.

We also take requests for 'Puppy Fit' collars. If you don't want to wait to get your puppy a gorgeous collar, we can accommodate you. The measurement you provide will be the smallest hole on the collar. So if your puppies current neck measurement is 25cm, we will make this the smallest hole on the collar, allowing plenty of room to grow.


'Classic Collection'

A classic range of beautiful colours and ageless styles .


'Premium Range'

A beautiful range featuring traditional leather techniques, including hand stitched and plaiting details.

Slow, but stunning, fashion for dogs.


Collar + Leash 'Add-On's'

We offer a range of 'Add-On's' to personalise and customise your pieces .


'Activewear Range'

A range for the active dog - be it simply exploring or participating in dog-sports.

Painters Packs - A DIY Project

With our Painters Packs, you can paint your own collar and/or leash!


We supply you with a natural, vegetable tanned collar and/or leash, paints of your choice and sealant, so you can create your bestie their very own wearable masterpiece!


Please review our Care Instructions to prolong the life of your leather product HERE.

For our leather alternative items, just wipe away - that stuff is hard to treat badly.

How to Measure you Dogs Neck & Choose a Collar Size:

For a standard buckle collar, you only need to measure the part of the neck where the collar will sit. Use a soft measuring tape and pull it around your dog's neck with three fingers inserted and the tape taut. This will be your dog's neck measurement to enter in the space provided. You don't want your collar to be the exact neck size, it will be too tight. If you do not have a measuring tape, you can use a string or ribbon then measure the length of that with a ruler.

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