Two ( - or three - ) dogs. One leash. Half the trouble!!! What's not to love?

100% vegetable tanned leather with solid brass hardware.

We recommended pairing this product with our 1m leash in urban areas and up to 1.5m leash where you have more space.


Add the 'Bow Wow WOW' painted edges to this item or go as far as to have each dog name embossed on a strap for the ultimate personalisation (select 3 x Add-On's).  Upon request, we can also add Freckles to this item.

Size variations - TWO DOG Splitter:
✖ Small: 30cm(L) x 13mm(W) - spread 60cm
✖ Medium: 35cm(L) x 16mm(W) - spread 70cm
✖ Large: 40cm(L) x 16mm(W) - spread 80cm
*Length is from base of ring to end of snap.


Size variations - THREE DOG Splitter:
✖ Small: 35cm(L) x 13mm(W) - spread 70cm
✖ Medium: 40cm(L) x 16mm(W) - spread 80cm
✖ Large: 45cm(L) x 16mm(W) - spread 90cm
*Length is from base of ring to end of snap.


Custom sizing available upon request. Contact us to discuss.

Leather Leash Splitter / Coupler

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