A super soft, leather bandana made from supple, gold printed sheep leather. Finished in either a pink, gold or blue stitching.

Our bandanas are designed for you to slip your dog's collar through, so no need to tie up or constantly re-tighten!

Solid Gold

Stitching Colour
  • Size: Width: Length:
    Small 16cm  /  6.5inch 11.5cm / 4.5inch [including a 3cm collar gap]
    Medium 24cm / 9.5inch 16cm / 6.5inch [including a 3.5cm collar gap]
    Large 38cm / 15inch 24cm / 9.5inch [including a 5cm collar gap]


    You will need to ensure there is sufficient space on your dog's collar to run through the bandana. We suggest the bandana cover at least half of you dog's neck.

    Custom: please contact us to request!

  • This item is very delicate... but don't be fooled, the leather is very durable, as tested by Lulu herself when her doggy best-friend dragged her around the yard by it! However, if this item is not appropriately cared for, the leather will become dry and stiff.


    If the bandana becomes wet or dirty, use a clean cloth and dab to remove the moisture/mark asap. Allow to air dry in a cool place (avoid direct sunlight or any particularly hot environments).


    This product has been treated once with a protective spray. If the bandana will be frequently exposed to water, we would suggest you treat it regularly with a protective spray, being mindful to keep this away from your dog and to follow the instructions of the product to eliminate harm to your fur-baby.


    To keep the leather soft and subtle, you may want to invest in a leather conditioner/moisturiser - we would suggest a natural treatment such as beeswax or coconut oil. This will prevent drying out, stiffening and cracking of the leather. These natural treatments are all pooch-safe!

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