We supply our 'Plain Dane' Collar and Leash, both beautifully crafted, original style pieces made from a natural, vegetable tanned leather, finished with low lead, solid brass hardware. Low lead means you get quality hardware withouth the weight of standard solid brass.


Our collars come in the following sizes and corresponding widths as standard:

  • XS - 12.5mm (w)
  • S - 16mm (w)
  • M - 19mm (w)
  • M - 25mm (w)
  • L - 25mm (w)
  • XL - 25mm (w)


The leash we supply is 120cm in length and 19mm wide.


We will supply 20ml of 3/4/5/6 paint choices, as per the item purchased and the paint sealant. You will need to supply the paint brushes.


There are strictly no refunds or exchanges on this product.




  • Purple Paradise [PP]
  • Violet [VL]
  • Raspberry [RB]
  • Hot Pink [HP]
  • Scarlet Red [SR]
  • Chili Red [CR]
  • Lava Orange  [LO]
  • Buttercup [BC]
  • Pale Yellow [PY]
  • Grinch Green [GG] 
  • Mint [MT]
  • South Beach [SB]
  • Avocado [AV]
  • Pale Blue [PB] 
  • Dark Blue [DB]
  • Lilac [LL]
  • Black [BK]
  • Vanilla [VN]
  • Sunset Yellow [SY] 

'Painters Pack' Leather Collar + Leash

Paint Options
  • Size: Measurment:
    XS 20 - 29cm [holes 1.5cm apart]
    S 28 - 37cm [holes 1.5cm apart]
    M 37 - 45cm [holes 2cm apart]
    L 45 - 53cm [holes 2cm apart]
    XL 53 - 61cm [holes 2cm apart]

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