The Martingale collar. Like the rest of our range, made from luxurious natural coloured, vegetable tanned leather but you choose the colour of the leather slider at the back!


Martingales are primarily used because the dog's head size is smaller than the neck size. The design keeps the collar securely fitted - it will tighten if the dog tries to slip its collar. We do not recommend wearing this collar aorund the home or when unsupervised in case the loop gets caught and tightens.


Choose from 25mm, 32mm and 38mm widths.


The leather slider is relatively stiff to begin with. The more this collar is worn, the more supple the slider will become.


Want to spice up your collar? Try one of our Add-On's:

Embossed Name or

Bow Wow WOW Painted Edges



To determine which size is best for your dog, refer to the image in the gallery and measure your dog at both points A and B. We ask for both of these measurments so that we can tweak our standard sizing when making this collar for your doggo so that it fits perfectly (not too tight / not too loose).


Point A should measure around the largest part of your dog's head, usually the point just behind their ears. Then take a second measurement, Point B, around their neck at the point where you would like the collar to rest. 


Make sure the collar size you choose can open wide enough to slip on over the largest part of your hound's head yet rest comfortably around their neck. (Collars are not adjustable).


*Please note, choose the smallest martingale collar size that will comfortably fit over the largest part of the head (point A). For example, if your dog has a 33cm [13"] neck, the best choice may be the Medium, rather than the Small.


The hardware we have selected for our designs are low lead, solid brass in a natural brass finish. Low lead means you get quality hardware withouth the weight of standard solid brass.


➳ Natural Leather:

The Natural leather will develop a patina over time - please refer to our PATINA page for more info on this. The natural leather may be very light to start however, with time and use, will develop into a rich tan colour.

Martingale Collars

Slider Colour
  • Size:

    Neck Size Range:


    Suitable For:

    S 20-35cm   Italian Greyhound
    M 27-42cm   Whippet
    L 34-49cm   Sighthounds [Greyhound, Afghan, Saluki, Borzoi]


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