The 'Good Dog' Collar. Simple design. Vegetable tanned, full grain leather and solid brass hardware. Five fun colours. A collar that will fast become a favourite.


This slip on collar is handy for dogs that walk in harnesses but where you still want them to have ID attached to a collar. It is also suitable for street walking if your dog doesn't pull and won't slip backwards out of this collar while attached to a leash - for this reason, Lulu can't wear one [stubborn little dog!!]. Also a great option to slip on if you aren't walking far on-leash [ dropping to doggy daycare, the park and beach trips etc ]


Beacuase of the fit and function of this collar [non-adjustable], we do not recommend this item for growing dogs or for dogs who's widest neck measurment is where the collar sits [unless it is to simply hold ID + you walk in a harness/wear around the home/your dog will NOT pull out of it - safety first peeps!!].



To talk through the fit of this collar, I will use Lulu as an example.

Her neck measument for a buckle collar is 35cm.

The widest part of her head is around her ears and it is 39cm.

The inner circumference of the collar is 40/41cm, therefore it slips on Lulu rather snuggly and sits a little loose around the neck, but not too loose.


Lulu is rather jowley and has a butt-load of hair so it doens't look overly loose on her [the sleeping pic you can see some space though!] but it won't come off in a hurry if she pulls backwards on me [which she does]. This is the standard fit and we would recomment this for most dogs. - esp as the leather will give a fraction over time!

However, we have an option for you to request a few more cm's length on the collar if you want to wear it looser.

When trying to decide between the fit option, it may be helpful to use a piece of string or ribbon, tied up to the measurements [largest measurement +2cm for standard fit OR+6cm for the loose-fit] to see how you feel about the fit and practicality of it - particularly because this item is def non-refundable.



This product will also soon be available in our 'Premium Range', made from exquisite leathers, such as the Eggplant coloured Bridle Leather that Lulu is wearing. 



Why not personalise this item? Check out some of the Add-On's available:

➳ Embossing
➳ 'Bow Wow WOW' hand painted edges 

➳ Want freckles, a braided version or kangaroo lacing plaiting detail added? Contact for a custom listing.



You need to supply the measurement of your dog's "neck" at its WIDEST POINT.

Typically, this point is at Point '2' on the image in the gallery, which is kinda their head. But it is not the case for all dogs so please work this out for your dog.

This is to ensure that the collar will fit over their head and sit around their neck.

DO NOT add any extra space to the measurement, we will do that

We have prepared a little guide on measuring for this collar HERE.


This item is custom made and as such it is imperative you:

➳ Provide the correct measurement; 

➳ Understand we cannot refund or exchange this item if you have provided an incorrect measurement; and

➳ Consider the appropriate fit for your dog and how you will use this collar. If unsure, we would always advise you to go standard.

'Good Dog' Collar

PriceFrom $39.00
  • mm Inch
    10mm ⅜"
    13mm ½"
    16mm ⅝"
    19mm ¾"
    25mm 1"
    32mm 1¼"

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    If you are considering a product made with the Natural coloured leather, please note that it may start off very pale but will develop a rich patina in no time at all - please refer to our PATINA file for more info on this. 



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