We've curated gift bundles to stash in your pupper's gift sack! Our bundles are slightly cheaper than buying these products individually. We offer:

  • Shark Tail, Merit Badge & Poop Bag - Value: $19.45. Yours for $18
  • Bully Stick, Merit Badge & Poop Bag - Value: $24.45. Yours for $23
  • Antler, Merit Badge & Poop Bag - Value: $29.45. Yours for $28

Gift Bundle

  • Every year, deer naturally shed their antler and grow them back the following year. This makes them a clean, earth-friendly treat! By the age of 3, up to 80% of dogs develop some degree of dental disease - most commonly tartar buildup. Dental disease destroys the tissue and bone structures in your pup’s mouth. Antler is mainly composed of calcium and phosphorous to aid their bone structure. Additionally, by gnawing on Antlers for 30 minutes a day, your dog is able to scrape away tartar buildup on their teeth by nearly 70%.



    Split Antlers are appropriate for all sized dogs, under supervision, and fussy/moderate chewers who want to get to the tasty marrow centre immediately.



    Product of New Zealand

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