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We Have Taken a Temporary Break


Due to the loss of a loved family member, we have headed back to Tasmania to be with family for an extended period.⁠

We will be back on board, ready to take your orders in the New Year, aiming for Wed, 19 January!

This means we, regrettably, are unable to accept new orders [ just as we hooked up Afterpay!! ]. We will be working on some new designs over the break. In the meantime, be sure you join our website and create a 'favourites' list for when we re-open. ⁠

In the interim, we have a limited range of ex-market stock which we are clearing, along with our woollen Christmas Gift Sacks, Bow Ties + Poop Bag purses via our outlet site:


Thanks for your understanding. Min + Lulu xx

Embossing on Leather Leash

Embossing on Leather Leash

This "ADD ON" is a fun way for you to personalise your leather leash.


We stamp the name close to the swivel clip on the leash - so everyone can see it as you cruise with your pooch.


Our font is 5mm high and will fit on any width collar/leash.

Our letters are capital only.


We have a small selection of special characters you can use, including: @ $ % & -. : > , 🖤 - ★ _ [ ] ➳ ⫸  .....meaning your insta handle can be added to your item! Or you can add symbol after the name, substitute a letter for a symb★l, politely add an expletive [a$$ - $hiz - and dare I do it... f$@% (sorry!)]. Really depends what you're into.


Spaces do not count as characters.


We use old school embossing because heated foil transfers do tend to come off - sometimes, very quickly.


We strongly suggest that items with embossing are not worn in the water as this may affect the embossing detail, particularly if the leather distorts or stretches.

Embossing Detail


Our current lead times for completing and dispatching your order are as follows [does not include postage time]:

  • Prêt-à-Porter range with no add-on's, is typically between 2-5 business days;

  • Activewear + Loungewear range  + Accessories are typically between 2-5 business days;

  • Houte Couture range or items from the Prêt-à-Porter range with Add-On's, is typically between 5-10 business days.

We always aim to get orders completed + in the post to you ASAP.


If you are considering a product made with the Natural coloured leather, please note that it may start off very pale but will develop a rich patina in no time at all - please refer to our PATINA file for more info on this. 


As our items are predominantly, made specifically for you, based on the measurment you have selected and/or provided or customisations which you have slected, we suggest that you review our Sales, Repair, Replacement and Refund Policy.



Do NOT measure their collar as it will most likely be incorrect. We suggest that you follow the steps in this guide if you are unsure as to How to Measure you Dogs Neck & Choose a Collar Size. We cannot offer refunds/exchanges where the measurements provided are incorrect.


You can find care instructions for our leather + wool products HERE. We strongly recommend that you follow these to prolong the life of your items. Our Care Instructions outline that our leather + woollen items are not designed for wear in water.




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