Our 'Braid Envy' leather dog leash is made with ethically sourced, vegetable tanned leather and boasts a huge amount of class. 


This leash has a braided hand loop and a small amount of braiding abutting the solid brass swivel clip at the base. The hardware we have selected for our desigs is low lead, solid brass in a natural brass finish (nickel plated -silver colour- available as a custom request). Low lead means you get quality hardware withouth the weight of standard solid brass.

They are super durable and like any good leather product, will age well - if cared for.


We do not recommend using this collar in the rain as IT WILL stretch and potentially deform the braiding.

Did you know - we can make a 'Braid Envy' human belt to match your dog's collar or leash! Simply drop us a line. Priced at $55 (excluding postage).

'Braid Envy' Leather Leash

Leather Colour
  • Try to Avoid Water:

    Our leather-goods are NOT designed for wear in water. The leather will stretch and could deform, if it becomes wet. Prolong the life this item by keeping it out of water.

    Should this item become wet, the hardware should be rinsed in fresh water. Pat dry the item with a clean dry cloth and allow the item to dry at room temperature, out of sunlight, on a flat surface.


    Try to Avoid Dirt:

    Should this item become dirty, clean the leather with a soft, dry cloth. If the mark does not budge, try a damp cloth . Allow the item to dry at room temperature, out of sunlight, on a flat surface.


    Conditioning & Protection:

    Once the item is dry, give it a coating for protection & conditioning. If you have a clear leather conditioner like Dubbin, use that. Otherwise flaxseed/coconut/olive oil should do the trick to soften and protect the leather once more - just rub in with a clean dry cloth. Allow to absorb and wipe off any excess. We suggest you test a small patch first!


    The colour of the leather will darken with time as it absorbs oils.

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