We are taking colour blocking to the streets in a super stylish way with our convertible leather dog leash. You design this item by choosing the colours of the three segments - mix them up or choose the same colour for each segment.


The 'handle' colour will be the colour that forms the handle when it is used as a long leash. The 'middle strap' forms part of the cross-body function with the handle.The 'bottom strap' colour is the lower segment that attaches to the collar/harness. It is an option to have Leopard or Cheetah (black spots on white/beige) hand sewn into the handle portion of the leash - contact us for a quote and custom listing. Generally hand stitched detail is an additional $15 on the handle.


The leash is 19mm in width and varies in length depending upon the use. To have the leash long, it is approximately 180cm. To use the leash in the shorter mode [double it up by guiding the handle through the larger O-Ring on the leash and clipping it either to the bottom swivel or to your dogs collar/harness] it is approximately 110cm in length.


This leash is super durable and like any good leather, will age beautifully, if well cared for. Complete the look with any of our Collars!Don't forget about the 'Add-ons' you can choose to personalise this leash even further: ✖ Name Embossing ✖ Bow Wow WOW edges ✖ Anti-chew chain

Convertible Leather Leash

Middle Strap [forms cross-body portion]
Bottom Strap

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