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What Width Collar Should I Order???

This is a GREAT question. And if you are ever unsure when ordering - flick us an email.

We offer 7 collar widths, because every dog has different needs. Starting at 10mm wide, we offer collars up to 38mm wide. Our full range is: 10mm, 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm, 32mm + 38mm.

First we would suggest you start with how you use your collar. Is it just to hold an

ID tag and you walk your pooch in a harness [you could stay thin + light with your collar]? Or do you do yo

ur daily walks in a collar? If so, does your dog pull - is it more often than not [thicker is less llikely to cause injury] or just the odd occurance and they are happy to walk next to you mostly [you might want to opt for a thinner collar but a thick won't hurt also]?

Next, you would consider your dog's physique. Do they have a long, slender

neck [consider a thicker width]? Are they strong and/or made to be in the front-row of a rugby union scrum [consider a thicker width]? Or are they a petite, tiny dog [consider a narrower width]?

As a general rule, the smaller the dog, the narrower the collar. However, for the long necks, we would suggest you add a little width.

Sooooooooo... some more specific suggestions:

➳ For the TINY dogs to the just smaller than medium sized dogs, we would suggest the 10mm/13mm/16mm widths.

➳ For the smaller-sized, medium to large dogs, we would suggest 16/19/25mm widths. If your dog has a 'thick' neck, 32mm is also an option.

➳ For the XL dogs, anywhere from 19mm/25mm/32mm/38mm.

As an example, Lulu is 13kg and a smaller sized medium dog who pulls a lot on leash. I have her mostly in a 19mm but 16mm works well for short walks [it would dig in a little on a long walk so wide is more supportive if she happens to pull loads]. Also, because of her fur, you can't see a 16mm as

well under her mullet. But, she also rocks a 25mm wide collar - but it isn't the most comfortable on her because she has a short neck.

However her buddy Juju is a staffy about the same height and a neck that is

50% bigger. He is a great candidate for 25mm/32mm.

A fully grown, tiny dog would suit the 10mm/13mm. Likewise, a small puppy would could also wear these widths but when it has grown a little, you could move up into 16mm/19mm + even 25mm wide [think dachshund]. But it may also be your preference to stay in 13mm, which is also fine.

Dogs with longer necks? Try 25mm/32mm/38mm. The wider the collar, the more support it will provide the neck. Think Italian Greyhound, Whippet, Greyhound [most well known of the sigh-hound breeds].... but also think standard poodle, setters and other gun-dog breeds.

Now, GIANT dogs - Great Dane, Mastiff, Irish Woldfound, Saint Bernard, Newfoundland... I'd suggest the same width as the longer neck dogs above 25mm/32mm/38mm. You could go 25mm if rarely used for walking. But def wider for durability. And this is why our 32mm + 38mm width collars have a double row of rivets - for extra strength!


➳ Do not continue to use the collar if it is damaged - seek repairs or replace it.

➳ Check the collar regularly for wear.

➳ You should be able to fit 2/3 finders into the collar when it is done up - 2 for smaller dogs, 3 for larger dogs.

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