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Measuring for a Slip Collar, Martingale or a Fixed Size Collar.

To provide us with the correct meaurements for either a Martingale, Slip or Fixed Size Collar [+ snood], we refer to the first image showing both points A and B on your dogs head/neck.

Point A will usually be the biggest measurement around your dog's "head", usually the point just around their ears [may be in front, on, or or behind].

Point A will be the biggest measurement on a majority of dogs. Sighthounds are the exception where this measurement may be smaller than, or the same measurement as, their neck measurment.

Point B is around their neck at the point where you would like the collar to rest.   

I've included images of Lulu's measurements below so you can get an idea of where these point are. Her Point A measurement = 39cm and her Point B measurement = 35cm.

Awlays include 2/3 fingers in the measurement and the tape pulled taught: 2 fingers for small dogs, 3 fingers for larger dogs.

We ask for both of these measurements so that we can ensure we make your custom sized item to fit. For this reason, it is imperative you provide the correct measurements.

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