Lulu's Advent Calander

So last year I bought an overpriced, reusable advent 'calander' from Kikki K. For Lulu.

I thought it looked cool and I honestly believe she did love the daily ritual of me playing a song from the Christmas with Boney M album and singing along to it, before she got her treat for the day. I can only assume she tollerated my singing for the treat.

But this year, instead of treats, I'm going to make each day a trick for us to learn. So, there will still be treats but there will also be fun and learning. But I might also mix up the training with reward adventures, once a week... a new beach to visit, a hike with friends, a "puppy massage" etc. There will still be singing.

Training with your pooch has a LOAD of great benefits. Not only does it create a stronger bond between the two of you, your pooch is also then more likely to listen to you and obey requests, generally [the park, the beach, at home, when cruising cafe's etc].

If you are keen to get on board with us and share your advent activities but don't have an advent 'calander' to use, never fear. There are so many DIY options that are cheap or free to create. The pic below is using pillow-boxes. You can get packs of 10 of these from K-mart for $3. Or you could use simple paper bags, envelopes or even toilet roll inners. Or make envelopes out of Xmas paper or brown paper?? Anyway, it doesn't need to be fancy, just fun!

As for the tricks, I'll call on google. As a quick search just now, I found this SITE: 52 trick ideas. Boom. If you don't like this list, keep on googling until you find ideas that you think are more suitable for you :)

Advent 2020 begins on Sunday, November 29th + ends on Thursday, December 24.


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