100% Wool, baby.

Our sustainable, 100% wool dog blankets are crafted using vintage, woollen, pre-loved blankets and are finished with our signature gold stitching.

These blankets are a fun + quality option to throw down in your fur baby's favourite spots, be it the couch, your bed, their bed, the back-seat of the car, outside on the grass or simply on the floor of your home!

Wool is:

  • insulating;

  • hypoallergenic;

  • odour resistant;

  • naturally flame resistant;

  • soil + stain resistant;

  • antibacterial;

  • breathable;

  • non-toxic;

  • wicks moisture away;

  • a renewable fibre;

  • naturally compostable;​

  • a regulator of temperatures;

  • durable; AND

  • will last for many, many years if looked after appropriately.

It is the perfect choice for your best buddie xx

Cleaning Instructions:

  • We would not recomment overwashing your blanket (for pets) - give it a good shake, remove hair with a lint roller (or even gentle vaccuum).

  • Clean liquid stains immediately;

  • Wash heavily soiled wool blankets by placing them in the washer on a cold wool-wash or gentle cycle with a wool-safe detergent (we prefer to use eucalyptus oil - about a tablespoon - which is absolutely fine for your pet BUT make sure they never have access to the open bottle);

  • Hang your wool blankets up to dry;

  • Store blankets in a cool dark place when not in use;

  • Never use harsh chemicals on your wool blankets, even if you have a stubborn stain. Never scrub the wool. Take your wool to a dry cleaner if there’s a stain that you can’t handle with gentle treatment.

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