Lulu Loves Leather Bow Ties + Collar Flowers

The Lulu Loves Leather dog bow tie and collar flowers are a fun accessory for your fur-baby. Create matching his + hers accessories!

These hand crafted leather collar flowers + bow ties attach to your dogs' collar by sliding the collar through an elastic loop. They are made from beautiful coloured leathers, including sturdy and sustainably sourced Kangaroo leather.

Lulu Loves Repurposed Wool Bow Ties

We have made this item using the scraps from our 100% wool, vintage blankets. With a big shash of material that isn't good enough to make an entire blanket from, we have decided to have some fun and craft these magnificent bow ties!


Lulu Loves Walking Accessories

These are probably the coolest walking accessories you will find.       Anywhere.


They are just as much for you as they are for your pooch. Crafted using luxurious leather in a small range of colours, they are designed to match our bow-tie and collar flower range. 


Lulu Loves Bits + Bobs

After a little something else?


Lulu Loves Dog Necklaces

The Lulu Loves dog necklace collection was inspired by Lulu at the start of summer 2017. We were visiting family on holiday and I wanted a little something to dress up Lulu's fur coat for festivities however it was too hot for bandanas. The more Lulu wore the necklaces, be it popping out for a coffee, a walk to collect mail, a trip to the market or when friends were dropping over for a visit, the more people were commenting. Now all dogs have the opportunity to look this gorgeous!

We are the first Australian company to produce hand crafted necklaces for your fur baby. Our adornments are for the sassy dog who likes to turn heads when they hit the pavement. A key feature of the Lulu Loves dog necklace range is that they are super lightweight (under 25g) we use quality materials (fine leather cord & non-toxic silicone beads) and the adjustable sizing with sliding knots, enabling the perfect fit near your dog's collar. And apart from all of that - they look fabulous!

Our necklaces should be worn high - up along the collar-line so that your bebe is not tempted to chew this classy number.

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