Lulu Loves Sustainable Woolen Blankets

Sorry folks - no discounts or coupons [exc Gift Voucher codes ] can be used on these lovely little blankies.

The Lulu Loves range of sustainable, 100% wool dog blankets are crafted using vintage, woolen, pre-loved blankets and are finished with our signature gold stitching. These blankets are a fun and quality option to throw down in your fur baby's favourite spots and also look great, be it the couch, your bed, their bed, the backseat of the car, outside on the grass or simply on the floor of your home! Read more about wool HERE.

***We only have what is listed below!!!***

The blankets are priced as follows, based on their size:

Small - up to: 11,900cm² - $30       (eg 100cm x 110cm = 11,000cm²)

Medium - up to: 14,900cm² - $35

Large - up to: 17,900cm² - $40

Extra Large - over: 17,900cm² - $45

Care Instructions for blankets can be found by visiting our CARE page.

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