Lulu Loves Beds

(I mean, who doesn't?!)

The Lulu Loves range of dog beds are made from vintage, woolen, pre-loved blankets and are finished with our signature gold stitching. These blankets are a sustainable and fun and quality option to throw down in your fur baby's favourite spots and also look great in the home!


Wool has some very valuable characteristics including:

  • It is insulating, even when wet; 

  • It is naturally flame resistant;

  • It is soil and stain resistant;

  • It is naturally antibacterial;

  • It is breathable;

  • It is nontoxic;

  • It wicks moisture away;

  • It is a renewable fiber;

  • It composts naturally;

  • It can be stored until you need it;

  • It is durable and will last for many, many years if looked after appropriately;

  • When it wears out it can once again be re-purposed before it’s no longer useful.


The quality of these blankets vary as do the sizes which is reflected in the price. Mostly, these blankets are in great condition. Please read each description carefully. 

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